How much time do you have to complete orders?

All orders are completed within 24-72 hours. Sometimes it takes more time.

Will I get a refund for drop followers or likes?

No, likes / followers twitter / Updates in others will decrease.

No refunds are available for payments.

Can I cancel an order I placed?

No, orders are permanent and cannot be canceled by the manager.

How do we contact admin?

Admin Skype: impossible1


How to fill in depending on the type of area?

Twitter Followers

Correct entry: to

Twitter Retweets and Favorites

The correct entry is this:

YouTube Video Views

Correct entry:

https://www.youtub to. com / watch? v = A3p6RfOC6Ug

Website Traffic

Correct entry:


How Do You Place The Bulk Order?

Service ID Link | amount

Example: 88 | Link | 5000

What is a partially completed event?

If the situation is partially completed, the system cannot give more likes / followers to the current page and remains of likes / followers. Automatic refund.